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When we were a retail store, Pistil Books & News hosted readings and signings by local writers and performers with the occasional out-of-town guest. We would roll our magazine racks back into the aisles to make room for thirty or more audience members, unfold our folding chairs, turn off the telephone ringer, put the “ Reading in Progress , Please enter quietly” sign on the door, and sit back and listen. Afterwards, we had wine, questions, answers, and conversation.

Writers, artists, and performers who read and/or signed books at Pistil Books over the years include Matthew Stadler, Rebecca Brown, Stacey Levine, Charles Mudede, Bret Fetzer, Monica Drake, Traci Vogel, Rachel Kessler, Novella Carpenter, Amy Halloran, Sean Tejaratchi, Bitchy Bitch and Roberta Gregory, The Jack Waste Orchestra, Jim Hogshire, Clark Humphrey, Eric Hartlep, Paul Bravmann, Karl Scheer, Kevin Sampsell, Jim Jones, Melody Jordan, Blair Wilson, Wilum Pugmire, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Frank Moore, Lisa Carver, Seth Friedman, Russell Scheidelman, Zachary Lyons, Mark from Negativeland, Steve Shaviro, Gregory Hischak, Riz Rollins, Gillian Gaar, Mark Mitchell, Eben Eldridge, Trisha Ready, George Kindl, Stokely Towles, Jason Lutes, and Sean Carlson. (If we left someone out, let us know.)

Continuing in the spirit of readings at our brick and mortar store, Pistil Books Online is pleased to present Pistil Readings, downloadable recordings by (mostly) local writers.

Sit back and listen.

Please note: In order to download the audio files, you will need a media player. We recommend Winamp which you can download here.


Bret Fetzer

Corrina Wycoff

Stacey Levine

Russell Scheidelman

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